What is Centre Lothlorien?
Lothlorien is the name of the Golden Wood in Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. It literally means “Flower of the Golden Wood”, a place where rest, peace and harmony prevail and where travellers can seek good advice and find strength.

Centre Lothlorien is a small community and course centre. The basis is living and working in harmony with nature, respect for everything that lives, giving an active contribution to create a human togetherness. It is an international, ecological and spiritual centre that offers a helping hand to every seeking person, everyone who is on the path of life. The centre presents courses, activities and a resting place where you can find your unique Self in order to go on with your life.

The property
Centre Lothlorien is established on a terrain of 14 hectares by the name of “Domaine de Moiron”, which is situated at a pilgrims’ path to Santiago de Compostela.
You can find here:
The Chateau, a large mansion with accommodation facilities, a drawing-room, dining-hall, reception, shop, kitchen, sun-room, cellars and supply rooms
The Maison du Gardien, for regular tenants with a view over the lake and the valley
The Colombier, a pigeon-house with a bell tower and chapel. The chapel is used as a sanctuary.
The Creation Centre, with atelier for sculpturing, painting and other creative workshops, a recreation room and toilets and showers for the Camping site.

Within close range of the main buildings you will find a lake of 2 hectares, which is also a reservoir, two wells with very pure water, a large garden, an orchard, a cave, activity terrain, a brook, a forest and entrance to the walking tracks through the state forests.
The property also has a camping site with 20 places.
In the surroundings you can walk, bicycle, swim and there are several possibilities to go out.

At the Centre Lothlorien you can decide to participate in courses, activities or enjoy nature, the quietness and the atmosphere. The courses and activities, aimed at exploring and developing your unique Self, are offered together with creativity, therapy, sport and play, enjoying nature, excursions, hiking, cycling, dance, music and much more.
Basis for a personal program is your own unique need and situation.
We offer possibilities to all ages for an agreeable, surprising and educating program.
You’ll find the Year Program down this page. You can join many activities, English is mostly spoken.

Activities 2016
Reservations - information:
phone: 0033 325 034086

1-6 Sculpturing in Wood, with Olivier Ledoux (see the Totem at the centre)
13-21 Vision Quest, Jos Kester

10-16 Chamanisme, Jos Kester
17-23 Yoga, Pinky More
17-23 Sculpturing in Soap Stone, Moni Unger
24-30 Yoga, Pinky More

30 - 6 4 directions, Unity. Carola Esparza, Morten Storeide, Tatsuhiko Kimori, Lucas Slager
07- 13 Co- Creation, small workshops and activities, be a co-creator
14 - 20 Music Festival, with The Barnwell Shift, Joeri, many other and you can join in!
21- 28 Ceremony of the 8000 Drums, Toltec Gathering

All year over on appointment
Chinese footreflexmassage/ Quantum Touch, Fredy Wamelink
Relaxationweek, biological meals, juices and footmassage, Fredy Wamelink
Coaching, the search for yourself, personal and individual cours, Lucas Slager

The history of Domaine de Moiron
The “Domaine de Moiron” was founded in the 12th Century, as a place to care for the nearby leper colony. You can still from this period at about 4 km, the remains of the colony “Le Chapel de St. Evrard”. A fantastic walk! In the 16th century a convent was created and the chapel and bell tower were build. In the 18th Century the foundation is laid for The Chateau and Maison du Gardien and what now is the Creation Centre, were constructed. In the centuries since it has been extended to its current proportion.

The Haute Marne
A countryside of woods and water, wells, lakes and rivers, an area of flowers, birds, fish, wildlife and....not many people ! Ideal for those who seek rest.
The lakes in this area are a paradise for birds of passage, among them thousands of cranes.
In The Haute Marne the rivers Marne, Meuse and Aube have their sources.
You can choose from many outings into nature and trips to cultural places of interest; for example the historical route of Jeanne d’Arc, a part of the footpath to Santiago de Compostela, the Via Francigena (Canterbury-Rome) and the GR 7.
The peaceful, abundant nature and space facilitate both rest and activity. The Haute Marne remains pure, not yet crowded with tourists and easy to reach from all directions. Cities like Paris, Basel, Luxembourg, Frankfurt and Lyon are quite near. (see map)

The Chateau
The Chateau has 5 rooms for guests (chambres d’ hôtes), for 1, 2, 3 or 4 persons. For groups we offer special arrangements. We only prepare vegetarian meals; you can choose to take half or full pension. Meals are served in the dining room. You also can have a seat in the “Salon” for a chat, a cup of tea or coffee or a good glass of wine. As you wish you can buy some souvenirs, cards or bottle of wine in the Lothlorien shop.

Price per night/per person, minimum stay 2 nights
  incl. breakfast incl. lunch incl. diner
2, 3 or 4 beds € 30,—/ €35,- € 39,—/ €45,- € 50,-/ €55,-
1 bed € 47,- € 62,- € 67,-
Children 2 – 12 € 17,50 € 20,— € 30,—

The Camping Site
Centre Lothlorien offers a nature camping for tents, caravans and campers. A small number of places have a connection for electricity. In the Creation Centre you’ll find 2 toilets, 2 hot showers, possibility to wash your dishes and drinking water. You also will find there a recreation room with table tennis and you can play petanque on a special track.

Price per person per night
Adult € 3,—
Children (2 - 12) € 2,—
Tent € 10,—
Caravan/Camper+ electricity € 14,—
Pets (only with permission) € 2,—

Other options

Price per person per night
bring your own sleping bag  
Adult € 17,—
Children (2-12) € 7,50
No pets allowed

Maison du Gardien has a Studio with 2 rooms. Ideal for artist, for working and sleping. Separate kitchen and bathroom, using together with other people.

Price per person per night
2 Persons € 50,—
Extra adult/child € 15,-/ 7,50
No pets allowed

This small cottage is an ecological cabin made with wicker and cobwork. It is very isolated at the end of the property, in the middle of the woods and with a nice view on a meadow, where deer and other wild animals can be watched. It is for maximum 2 persons and it offers a unique possibility to take a retreat and find the stillness in yourself. If you wish the Lothlorien team can offer services and give help and support in your process. Incl. stove inside, fire-place outside and an ecological toilet.

Price per person per night, at least 5 nights
Adult € 25,—
Children (2-12) € 12,50
No pets allowed
More than 14 nights, 10% reduction

Being a host at the Camping site or a houseguest in a room, you can join the vegetarian meals.

Breakfast € 7,—
Lunch € 10,—
Diner (excl. drinks) € 16,—

Centre Lothlorien offers some possibilities for volunteers, to work en stay with us for some time.
You can bring your own shelter (camper, caravan, tent) and being self supporting or you can choose to join meals and other facilities of the centre.
We have a maximum of 4 places for volunteers, so it is important to call or email us some time before you want to come.

Working is for your own responsibility and Assurance.
Minimal participation a day: 4 hours
Minimal time to come: 5 days
Let us know whenever you are interested and we can discuss the possibilities, arrangement and eventually the costs.

How to find us
You can find Domaine de Moiron in the north east of France, departement Haute Marne (52).
The centre is situated about 1 km north of Foulain and at about op 10 km east of Chaumont. On the map: south of Nancy, north of Dijon, west of Langres and east of Chaumont.
From the north, Luxemburg: Metz (A31), Nancy, Toul/peage, direction Dijon.

Langres-Nord (exit 7), direction Chaumont.
Enter Foulain, after about 400 meters 1st Right, cross the railway, continue the road across the river Marne and the Canal Champagne-Bourgogne. After 1 km you’ll find centre Lothlorien in the woods.

From the west, Paris:
Paris (A5), Troyes, Chaumont. Exit Chaumont, through the town of Chaumont, direction Langres.
After 10 km you reach Foulain. At the café at the entrance of the village you take the First left, follow the road to the right, along the railway, pass the church (left hand). At the end you turn left, cross the railway, continue the road across the river Marne and the Canal Champagne-Bourgogne. After 1 km you’ll find centre Lothlorien in the woods.

From the south, Dijon:
Lyon (A6), Dijon (A31), direction Nancy, exit 7, Langres Nord, direction Chaumont.
Enter Foulain, after about 400 meters 1st Right, cross the railway, continue the road across the river Marne and the Canal Champagne-Bourgogne. After 1 km you’ll find centre Lothlorien in the woods.
You also can take the train from PARIS. Station/Gare Paris est. Take a ticket to Chaumont, the train will take you there in about 2 hrs. 20 minutes. If you let us know what time you will arrive, we will meet you at the station.

Centre Lothlorien
Domaine de Moiron
52800 Foulain
T 0033 (0) 325 034086
E centrelothlorien@gmail.com
W www.centrelothlorien.com