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A place where beautiful encounters
belong to daily life

Stay at the estate

Lothlorien is surrounded by nature, in a private valley of 35 acres. You will find two natural water sources, vegetable gardens, fields and woodland. From the grounds you can walk into the surrounding forests. It is a place to recover and get inspiration. A place to feel at home. You can spend the night in a room in the Chateau, on the green campsite, in our holiday home, in the maisonette or in one of the wooden log cabins.

One Planet - One People

Centre Lothlorien organizes international and multicultural activities that contribute to heart to heart connections. Peace festivals took place in 2011, 2013 and 2015. In June 2017, an international Summit “One planet – One people” was organized with 144 Earth Keepers. There were participants from different generations and from more than 40 nationalities. Together they wrote a Manifest.

Follow a course

We offer both a continuous program and one-off courses and workshops. Think of slowing down, personal growth, yoga, shamanism, creative writing, wild picking, music, individual trajectories, cycling and walking arrangements or workshops in the studio.

We offer special children’s weeks in high season weeks.

The Haute Marne

A countryside of woods and water, wells, lakes and rivers, an area of flowers, birds, fish, wildlife and….not many people ! Ideal for those who seek rest. The lakes in this area are a paradise for birds of passage, among them thousands of cranes.In Th e Haute Marne the rivers Marne, Meuse and Aube have their sources. You can choose from many outings into nature and trips to cultural places of interest; for example the historical route of Jeanne d’Arc, a part of the footpath to Santiago de Compostela, the Via Francigena (Canterbury-Rome) and the GR 7.  The peaceful, abundant nature and space facilitate both rest and activity. The Haute Marne remains pure, not yet crowded with tourists and easy to reach from all directions. Cities like Paris, Basel, Luxembourg, Frankfurt and Lyon are quite near. 

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