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International guesthouse,
course center, Yoga Teacher Training location, workplace and residence

Centre Lothlorien is an international guesthouse, course center, Yoga Teacher Training location, work and residence, and is located in the middle of the Haute Marne. Centre Lothlorien is a Dutch initiative. A place with an abundance of beautiful nature, space, time and silence. A place where you can follow courses, can rest, get acquainted with other ideas and be active outdoors. A place where new encounters are natural.

Our vision


Lothlorien has a basis of living in balance with nature and respect for everything that lives. Health of mind and body are important points of interest, so the center is ecological, as self-sufficient as possible and the cuisine is vegetarian. We aim for a more people-oriented society.

Lothlorien is the name of the elf forest from Tolkien’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’. It means ‘flower of the golden forest’: a place of peace and harmony where travelers are welcome for relaxation and good advice.

Lothlorien encourages people to find their way and go. The center is an inspiring place where people meet and exchange their ideas and personalities. We offer many courses in personal and / or creative development.



Centre Lothlorien was started at the initiative of Lucas Slager. In 2002, after working for almost 30 years in business, he decided to put his life vision in daily practice even more  and to realize his dream and life mission.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will live as one (John Lennon)

Lucas Slager is also a writer of various books about coaching, self-development and Mayan’s. Outside the high season he is happy to arrange a lecture in the Netherlands or Belgium. Please contact. See also: .

Centre Lothlorien is an initiative supported by The Lothlorien Friends Association.

Aim of the Center


Centre Lothlorien is committed to make an essential and effective contribution to a more people-oriented world in which peace, harmony and respect are self-evident and economics and money are only derivatives.


  • live in harmony with all that is, with respect for everyone and all that lives
  • live to an economy of enough
  • Ensure body and mind health; the meals are vegetarian
  • Attention and space for everyone’s unique self and personal growth and development
  • ecological building and living
  • Be part of and in contact with society
  • Focussed on people and the world to become self-responsible
    and self-governing people

Friends of Lothlorien


The Association of Friends of Lothlorien supports the initiative in France in many ways. They also organize a friend’s day twice a year to give the opportunity to meet each other in the Netherlands and exchange thoughts and ideas. You can also support us by joining the Association of Friends of Lothlorien and giving direction to the goals. Membership is € 25, – per year.Members of the association receive a 10% discount on their accommodation costs. If you want to know more about the association, you can request a leaflet from the secretary Mrs. Lian Welten

[email protected]

Share plan and sponsorship

To fulfill our goals, we seek shareholders who wish to join SCI Lothlorien, a non-profit company that includes only the property.
There is also the opportunity to sponsor Center Lothlorien: for € 100.- per year, we will include a listing in the newsletter and the mail + a link on our website.
Please join us!

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