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4-day Yogaretreat with Hansaji Yogendra

During this international retreat we bring together yoga practisioners from different countries to share ideas about the challanges of today’s world.
With inspiring yoga activities in the surrounding nature and an innovative approach to meditation.
You get the chance to ask your own question to Hansaji.

About Hansaji

The week is given by Yoga experts, with Hansaji Yogendra as guest of honor.
Hansaji is Director of The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the oldest organised Yoga Institute of the World. Hansaji represents a family line of Gurus, that teach Yoga the way it was meant by the Saddhu’s, the original Yoga practisers. Over the last 100 years the Yoga Institute has been able to formulate the ancient teachings in a way that it is applicable in the daily life of any householder.
Hansaji is known as ’The most charming lady in Yoga’ and is an influential person in India.


This 4-day retreat includes yoga activities, accommodation and all meals, from dinner on Saturday to lunch on Tuesday.

Stay at the campsite € 250 per person
Stay in a wooden house € 295 per person based on double use
Stay in a wooden house € 325 per person based on single use
Stay in room € 325 per person based on double use
Stay in a room € 395 per person based on single use

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