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How to get a stronger back? Our last article discussed reducing backache with asanas. In continuation of our goal to relieve your backache, We have come up with another asana which will help you alleviate and reduce backache for good.…

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What is Asana?

Asana in Sanskrit translates to being seated or actually sit. Asana forms the foundation of our Yoga ideology ranging from headstands to rubber bodies in the air. But actually asana forms the limbs of yoga and its techniques pass on…

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What is yoga?

The first thing that always came to my mind when I thought about yoga was undoubtedly the super flexible yogis I had seen on Facebook and Instagram. All these beautiful people with their gorgeously insane twisty bodies just so effortlessly…

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How to overcome Fear

In light of this global pandemic, this year's celebration of Easter epitomises the entire idea of faith over fear. The oldest historic reference to the currently worldwide celebrated Easter is the celebration of the Jewish Pesach. In the old testament…

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The reason behind Spring cleaning

The state of your surroundings is the state of your soul. This line emphasizes the importance of 'Sauch'. Sauch or Saucha translated from Sanskrit means 'Cleanliness', which relates to both the Physical aspect of cleanliness of your surroundings as to Mental hygiene…

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