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200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Courses

This year for the first time in Europe you can do a Teacher Training Course and learn yoga the way it has originally been taught in India. Centre Lothlorien starts a 200 hours TTC according to the standards of ‘the Yoga Institute’ in Mumbai, India, the oldest organised yoga centre of the world. After completing this course you will not only know how the exercises are done but you will also learn why and when they are done. The focus goes to the ancient knowledge of how to live yoga in your daily life and create balance and happiness.

Course dates:
From Saturday April 11th untill Sunday May 10th
From Saturday May 30th untill Sunday June 28th 2020
From Saturday September 19th untill Sunday October 18th 2020

200 hours Yoga Teacher Training offered in English
Certification: by The Yoga Institute and RYT 200hrs by the Yoga Alliance USA.
€ 2950,- p.p. including stay in shared room, meals, tuition fees, study material, exam & certificate

Yoga from the Source
Centre Lothlorien is affiliated with ‘The Yoga Institute’ in Mumbai, India. The Yoga Institute is founded by Shri Yogendra who was taught Yoga by a Saddhu. The Saddhu’s are the original practisers of yoga. They devote their lives to reach illumination, but live solitary lives and keep their knowledge to themselves. Shri Yogendra is the first Yogi who started a family and brought the knowledge of yoga to the public. Click to read about the rich legacy and heritage of founding Gurus of the Yoga Institute.
For 100 years the Yogendra family has shared their knowledge and now for the first time their study program is offered in Europe. A team of teachers who all studied at ‘the Yoga Institute’, led by Pinky More from Mumbai, will come to Centre Lothlorien in France to teach the essence of Yoga to everyone in Europe who is interested.

Content of the Teacher Training Course
The course covers theoretical and practical aspects of Yoga.  The syllabus consists of experiential learning of unique techniques & concepts pioneered by the founders of The Yoga Institute.
The comprehensive course covers core principles and philosophical foundations of traditional Yoga.  Ideal for Yoga novices it covers an introduction to the study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita. Further, complete immersion into practical experiences of the principal Yoga asanas, pranayamas, Kiryas, concept studies, public speaking, the methodology of teaching etc. are covered.  The Yoga Institute pioneered techniques and Bhavas. Detailed anatomy and physiology classes conducted by Yoga experts will cover theory and practice.
Click to open the syllabus.

Pinky More
Pinky More was born in India. Here she has completed an advanced teachers training Program at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the Oldest Organized Yoga Center in the world. After a few years of working and traveling over the world she has settled down in the Netherlands to introduce Indian Classical Yoga, the traditional style of Yoga. In Kerala, India, Pinky has studied Ayurveda and started with Ayurvedic massages. Since 2012 Pinky organizes Yoga retreats at Centre Lothlorien in France. In 2019 she started the affiliation between Centre Lothlorien and ‘The Yoga Institute’. Currently, besides leading her own Teacher Training Courses in France she teaches in several other European countries and participates to Yoga programs in Ghana and India.

Click to read more about the teachers.

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