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Centre Lothlorien, The Yoga Institute France

Centre Lothlorien teaches Indian Classic Yoga, Yoga the way it is taught in India. It has an holistic approach. By being physically fit, having a healthy lifestyle, training yourself to calm the mind and seeking self development, you can live a balanced life and be truly happy! 

Let ancient Indian knowledge guide you in the modern life!


Yoga is for everyone. We offer an extensive program with possibilities for all. The activities include Yoga retreats and Yoga Teacher Training Courses, we do however also offer personal development programs on demand, both in our centre in France as online.
Below you will find a highlight of our upcoming activities.

Introduction day in the Netherlands, March 21 Hilversum

Meet the team of Centre Lothlorien and learn more about our activities. The Centre Lothlorien team will be in the…

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Yoga Teacher Training Course April 10 – May 9

Centre Lothlorien offers a Teacher Training Course in Yoga as it is taught in India. This 200 hours TTC is…

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The Fundamental Principles of Yoga May 2-8

by Pinky More and team. Introduction to the life philosophy of Yoga and how it can make your life happier.…

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Yoga Teacher Training Course May 29 – June 27

Centre Lothlorien offers a Teacher Training Course in Yoga as it is taught in India. This 200 hours TTC is…

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Yoga Teacher Training Course

Centre Lothlorien offers a 200 hours residential course in one month. This Teacher Training gives the essential basic knowledge that every yoga teacher requires. Yoga is holistic, therefore the course does not only teach you asanas, but also focuses on yoga philosophy and psychology.
The theoretical lessons introduce you to Ashtanga Yoga according to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra’s, Hatha Yoga Pradipika and Gheranda Samhita. The practical lessons include the principal Asana’s, Pranayama’s and Kriyas.
This comprehensive course is not just meant for those who wish to teach. It gives an excellent base for those who want to get a deeper knowledge of yoga and simultaneously a better knowledge of the self.

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The Yoga Institute

Centre Lothlorien is affiliated with the Yoga Institute, in Mumbai, India, the oldest organised yoga center in the world. The founder shri Yogendra, has learned Yoga from a Sadhu, the original practicers of Yoga and was the first to become a householder yogi, he brought yoga to the common people. After more then 100 years the institute now brings their teachings to the rest of the world. Centre Lothlorien is the first to offer the one month residential course in Europe.

Hansaji Yogendra, director of The Yoga Institute about Centre Lothlorien

Pinky More

Pinky More was born in India. Here she has completed an advanced teachers training Program at The Yoga Institute in Mumbai, the Oldest Organized Yoga Center in the world. After a few years of working and traveling over the world she has settled down in the Netherlands to introduce Indian Classical Yoga, the traditional style of Yoga. In Kerala, India, Pinky has studied Ayurveda and started with Ayurvedic massages. Since 2012 Pinky organizes Yoga retreats at Centre Lothlorien in France. In 2019 she started the affiliation between Centre Lothlorien and ‘The Yoga Institute’. Currently, besides leading her own Teacher Training Courses in France she teaches in several other European countries and participates to Yoga programs in Ghana and India.

Pinky is active online. You can find her video’s on YouTube about Asana’s and Lifestyle and you can make appointments for personal sessions.

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